Channel Partner for VOIP Networks

Dallas Wired is a channel partner for VOIP Networks VOIP** phone systems. We specialize in consulting with the client to choose the correct system and make sure that your Internet connection will support theses types of phones. We will help you plan for the needs of your business and we can guarantee that you will reduce your telephone bill by a significant amount.

In addition to cost reduction you gain many features not found in standard phones and older PBX phone systems. Please view our FEATURES page for a comprehensive list of the features available.

VoIP for Multiple Office Locations

VoIP can do miraculous things for businesses with offices in multiple locations. You may configure all offices under one phone number, or under different numbers for each location, each with a different series of extension numbers; extensions in Office 1 begin with 100, those in Office 2 begin with 200 – in fact, we can configure your phone numbering system any way you want it. The auto attendants included with these systems give you almost unlimited options of how and where your phones are answered.

A Word of Warning!

Porting (moving) telephone numbers from one carrier to another must be done in an orderly sequence.
Don't take a chance on losing your current telephone numbers!
Call us on 214-483-1882 for advice on the correct procedure.

Look What's Included!

    ✔ No Set Up or Activation Fees
    ✔ Unlimited Calling
    ✔ Unlimited Long Distance
    ✔ Amazing Service In the USA®
    ✔ Multi-Tiered Auto Attendants
    ✔ Call Forwarding, Waiting, ID
    ✔ HD Voice

Dallas Wired brings you much more than phone service. We’re here to help you smoothly transition from a traditional system to feature-rich unified communications at suprisingly low prices. Your employees can stay connected with clients and colleagues whether they are working from the office, on the road, or a remote location. All Dallas Wired plans include, at no cost to you, a wide range of services that other providers only offer at additional cost. A Dallas Wired VoIP system allows you to handle calls and route them according to your own unique needs. You can route incoming messages, voice calls, faxes and text messages to the proper department instantly by setting up your own filters.

    ✔ US Based Customer Support
    ✔ User Friendly Web Interface
    ✔ Group Paging
    ✔ Intercom
    ✔ Voicemail to Email
    ✔ Presence on Multiple Devices
    ✔ Shared Line Appearance
    ✔ Unlimited Hunt Groups